My Books

All of my books are different, so you may want to read each of them. In some ways they all have a social injustice theme. In Waiting on the Outside the theme is the agony of waiting for a loved one while they are in prison. In Surviving La Bestia the underlying theme is, how do those who are oppressed escape their situation? In Solitary Words, the author’s theme is the diabolical and unrelenting depression of being in solitary confinement. In Hanging Girl I attack some of our earth’s most pressing problems. I hope you enjoy all my books.

I am finished with my forth book, Hanging Girl. It’s a mystery / thriller set in sunny Coronado, California. It is suspenseful and full of intricate police work. Matt Monahan and his partner, Wendy Song, struggle to find whether the girl found hanging in a mansion was murdered or committed suicide. This leads them to strange and dangerous people and places.

GRODZINSKY_Surviving La Beastia_3D book

SURVIVING LA BESTIA. is the story of Javier Salazar and his little sister, Ana, and their perilous journey fleeing the gangs of Honduras trying to reach the promised land, America. During their journey, they befriend other migrants and face the dangers of riding La Bestia, the Death Train through Mexico. Will they survive the gangs, heat and danger and reach their mother in America?

To find out, go to:



Time has flown by, and my first book, WAITING ON THE OUTSIDE, has been received extremely well. This is the true story of my son and his journey to incarceration in a federal prison and a white supremacist prison gang.  What would you do if your child made all the wrong choices throughout their life and ended up in prison?  There are millions of family members out there with the same problems who are dealing with the desperation, pain and sorrow that comes with having a loved one incarcerated. Hopefully, this book will let them know they are not alone. To find my book go to:

I also compiled and wrote the forward for SOLITARY WORDS, a book of art and poems by inmate Brett McKeehan who is currently incarcerated in Montana. Brett tells you through his poetry and art all you ever wanted to know about prison. Go to: 3D book

I have been ghost writing / helping several people and the first is an iconic fundraiser and her amazing book is out now. It is called Confessions of a Sin City Fundraiser. Lastly, I am helping my dear friend, Jon Ponder, write his story. You won’t be disappointed. It’s the story of his transformation from bank robber and drug addict to CEO and founder of Hope for Prisoners, a hugely successful reentry program for former inmates. It is an inspiring and motivating book. called Redeemed. Look for it to be out soon! I will of course let you all know when it hits the shelves!

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