The Timeline

Things are heating up now that I am in the last days of reviewing my book, “Waiting on the Outside” with my editor, Christina Frey at Page Two Editing.  The one thing I see as more important than I previously thought is a timeline, particularly in a non-fiction book. It seems when you remember things from years ago, they can get a little muddled up.  A little? Well, maybe a lot muddled up.

It probably is just as important if you are writing fiction.  If you have your protagonist becoming an FBI agent at age twelve, that doesn’t go over so well with your readers.  They are smart and will catch problems in your timeline.

So now I have been reconciling my timeline with the real story, and it has not been easy.  Thankfully I am collaborating with my editor and she has taken me to task about it.  Isn’t that what they are supposed to do?  Yes, if they are a good editor.

For my next book, “The Last Thousand Miles”, which is already in progress, I will complete my timeline before I go any further!!

About Sharron

Author, blogger and professional seeker of new adventures. After spending many years in the healthcare field, I am now devoting my energies to writing. I have finished my first book, "Waiting on the Outside" and it will be published shortly. Writing is not an easy task, but if you feel the absolute necessity to write, then you are a writer! I am writing my second book, "The Last Thousand Miles" and I hope to have it out by the end of the year. A little ambitious I think, but if you don't aim for the sky you won't land there.
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