Five Books You’ll Remember Forever

These five books are excellent recommendations!


WHEN WE PICK up a book the one thing we want is to reach the last page and be left with thoughts and feelings beyond those in the text, and yet of the text, to feel different somehow, to see the world in a different light. Below are five of my all time favourite books for impact and the fact they live long in my memory.

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. Aimed at children, the book is about as magical and imaginative as any book I have known before or after, with wonderful illustrations as well. Largely focused around animal characters, there are all kinds of morals to be grappled with and it will make you more human by the time you finish it. Equally amazing read as an adult, the ‘origin stories’ looks into how many phenomena came to be, with story titles like: How the Leopard…

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About Sharron

Author, blogger and professional seeker of new adventures. After spending many years in the healthcare field, I am now devoting my energies to writing. I have finished my first book, "Waiting on the Outside" and it will be published shortly. Writing is not an easy task, but if you feel the absolute necessity to write, then you are a writer! I am writing my second book, "The Last Thousand Miles" and I hope to have it out by the end of the year. A little ambitious I think, but if you don't aim for the sky you won't land there.
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