Peurto Penasco

Penasco Beach 2

We joined the Sun City Anthem RV Club for their annual trip to Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Twenty-two rigs left on October 10, 2018. First stop, Saddle Mountain RV Park in Tucson, Arizona. Our journey there took us through booming Lake Havasu. How that place has changed in the last few years.
We arrived at the border the next day with little notice from the Mexican border guards. They didn’t even stop most of us or ask for our passports! Then we navigated the next 62 miles to our destination, passing by the beautiful Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument biosphere. The organ pipe, saguaro, hedgehog, and ocotillo cactus were spectacular.
Our wagon Master, Roy and his sidekick, Joanie had made the reservations the year before and our sites were all arranged. The first five days were a little challenging with extremely high winds whipping around our rigs at night and blowing everything off the tables during the day.Puerto Penasco Tents
The rest of our time there was beautiful with great warm weather, calm seas and gorgeous sunsets. As it was early for “snow bird” season, we had the beach mostly to ourselves. The RV park was fairly full though. Oh yes, there were a lot, and I mean a lot of pesky flies due to a recent hurricane that passed through.
Special margaritas and fabulous appetizers were in abundance for our happy hours. On a few evenings, some of us might have imbibed in one too many of those great margaritas.

Other nights we were YOYO. (You’re on your own) Most of us joined one of the small groups going out to sample the local food, trying out restaurants from “Taco Tuesday” at a nearby condo building, shrimp on the dock downtown, to the exclusive Pane-vino on top of the hill above town.
Some of the ladies and a few men shopped on “Rodeo Drive” and in the city shopping area called El Malecon. Some bought dishes, some jewelry and some just junk for the yard. Penasco ToiletI fell into the last category. Wonder how those iron Ocotillo and ceramic quail will look in our yard?
We had two “razors” with us and there were a couple of off road rides. One of them ended with a bent rear axle. Thank goodness all involved were safe with only one minor injury.Roy's Razor
A few of our group went sightseeing to a volcano area, some went to the beach, and some went to the ER and Urgent care. A couple of our dogs needed medical care too. With that many people and pets, you never know what’s going to happen. There is always a small medical emergency of some kind. Luckily, everyone survived without any major problems.
The locals in Puerto Penasco are friendly, kind and courteous. It is a pleasure talking with them. They make the trip even more pleasant and interesting than just visiting a beach somewhere. The food is great -try Carmen’s breakfast burritos on the beach. The ocean is warm and salty due to being on the Sea of Cortez. Makes for wonderful floating in the ocean and gazing up at the sky.
On Our last night, we all went to Rosy’s Restaurant and had a fabulous Mexican dinner, along with some giant margaritas. All in all it was a great trip, and our sincere thanks went out to or wagon master and mistress, Roy and Joanie.Penasco Beach 1

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