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There are over two million people incarcerated in the United States. What if your child was among them? What if your loved one made the wrong choices throughout their life and finally ended up in prison? What would you do? This book tells the story of my son and his journey to incarceration in a federal prison. It also tells of his gang affiliation with the Aryan Warriors and their influence in prisons across the country.
Most of his life, my son has had difficulties following the rules. For years, I tried everything I could to help him learn how to deal with his demons. Nothing worked. He could not seem to live a normal life without alcohol, drugs, and crime. The nights I spent lying awake, waiting for the phone to ring or to hear that he was injured, jailed, or dead cannot be counted. The days spent trying to find an answer spun out month after month and year after year, until my worst fears came true.
Every single person in a jail or prison has a loved one or family member who has been affected by their incarceration. This book gives a voice to all of the families out there, waiting on the outside.
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Writing is not just sitting down and writing a story.  It is revision after revision and edit after edit.  It is a journey, no matter how much you love to write. Every time I print out my book and review it, I … Continue reading

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The Timeline

Things are heating up now that I am in the last days of reviewing my book, “Waiting on the Outside” with my editor, Christina Frey at Page Two Editing.  The one thing I see as more important than I previously thought is … Continue reading

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Publisher Interested in my Book Proposal

Okay, so I sent out six book proposals expecting to get six rejections about six months after I inquired.   I got one back in just a week and they are interested.   Can you believe that?  I’m thrilled and happy.  Even … Continue reading

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How to set up a mailing list on your blog

From Dream, Play, Write: This is a short and to the point blog on how to set up a mailing list.  I found it valuable…like a little gem I found by accident.  They are always the best. How to set … Continue reading

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The Irish reader at booksandopinions.com loves to read.  she posts extremely thoughtful bits of information and inspiration.  I have just sent her my book to read! (My book is still in the editing phase, so is not available for the public … Continue reading

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Dead Silence

Have you ever had this happen?  I’m reading the next chapter I ‘m working on to my critique group and when I finish…….dead silence.  Whoa, what happened?  Was it so terrible or so good no one had anything to say?  Or … Continue reading

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Working on a New Book and Washing my Hands.

So, my first book (Waiting on the Outside) is ready for editing and I am working on two more.  One was supposed to be a medical thriller about a virus, but then along came the real deal, Ebola.  I just hope the Ebola … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

On Goodreads you can find beta readers who will take their time to read your manuscript and give feedback.  It is all free and a valuable tool for any writer!  They are awesome! I am currently beta  reading two novels, … Continue reading

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FUNERAL FOR ONE. A poem to read and reflect on via FUNERAL FOR ONE.

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