If you have a loved one in prison, You need to know these are rights you should have as their family member.

Information for Friends and Family of Inmates

This Prison Family Bill of Rights is something every family of an incarcerated person needs to know about. You deserve these basic rights when your loved one is incarcerated. This year’s International Prisoners Family Conference was held in Dallas Texas May 4-6th 2016. You can find more information about this conference and their goals at: Working together through organizations like this one … we CAN change the opportunities and the results for our loved ones when they are released and during their incarceration. This is a copy from their website. Photo courtesy of Fotolia.

A Coalition of prison family members and representatives of secular and faith based organizations serving prison families from across the United States in attendance at the 2012 National Prisoner’s Family Conference drafted the Prison Family Bill of Rights and the Bill was affirmed and adopted by attendees at the 2013 conference, as follows:

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The Prison Family* has the right to…

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The Writing Habits of Bestselling Authors


I’M NOT USUALLY one to eulogize commercial success, but when it comes to books I can’t help but be astounded by the sheer volume of books the authors below have produced. Between them t…

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So friends, here are the photos from Zion at last. We had such a great time on the trip to Zion with the Sun City Anthem RV club. Lots of outdoor activities, lots of happy hours and lots of shared …

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Five Books You’ll Remember Forever

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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WHEN WE PICK up a book the one thing we want is to reach the last page and be left with thoughts and feelings beyond those in the text, and yet of the text, to feel…

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WHY WOULD PRIVATE PRISONS WANT TO REHABILITATE INMATES? by Prison Family Blog Contributor: Sharron Grodzinsky

Thanks to Jennifer and Inmates Matter Too for having me as a guest blogger!

Prisons For Profit

Something most people aren’t aware of is that for-profit private corporations now have contracts to manage over 120 prison facilities in the United States. They are paid by person per bed day. Most of them even have contracts with the government to pay for any bed days that are not used. For instance, the state of Virginia had a contract that guaranteed payment for a 95% occupancy rate.

These are private corporations that have boards of directors and stock holders. The higher the profit margin is, the more attractive the stock is. (Think Apple or Microsoft) A profit margin is generated simply by income minus expenses. Hello? What would that tell you about a company that makes it’s living from the incarceration of inmates? They will provide services in the least expense way possible, in order to increase their profit margin and raise the stock price.

Two of the largest…

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How To Engage Those Who Continue With Misconduct

Re-blogged from Blog on April 22, 2016. (These are some of the principals currently being used at Hope For Prisoners in Las Vegas, NV, with great success. For those who complete…

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Inmates Matter Too!

I have recently run across a great blog called Inmates Matter Too (IMT). Like this one, it provides information about prisons and inmates and provides support for their loved ones on the outside. T…

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Prison Family Resources

PRISONERS FAMILY CONFERENCE  – A yearly conference that aims to improve the quality of life for the prison family through increased awareness, education, networking and supportive services an…

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If You’re Into Submission…Short Stories

…HERE ARE SOME more links for all those short stories you want to relinquish to the dark murky void of the inbetween, that place where your emails go, between you clicking send, and the edito…

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Hope For Prisoners

I visited this organization today and met an amazing man who has changed his life and is now devoting his life to helping other ex-offenders change theirs. Jon D. Ponder, CEO of Hope for Prisoners,…

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