If You’re Into Submission…Short Stories

…HERE ARE SOME more links for all those short stories you want to relinquish to the dark murky void of the inbetween, that place where your emails go, between you clicking send, and the edito…

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Hope For Prisoners

I visited this organization today and met an amazing man who has changed his life and is now devoting his life to helping other ex-offenders change theirs. Jon D. Ponder, CEO of Hope for Prisoners,…

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Guido Henkel’s Free eBook on Marketing for Writers

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A FRIEND OF mine Bori Praper, the author of the excellent Cynicism Management: 1 has been helping me out with my prospective debut book by giving me some invaluable nuggets of advice on what to do and what to absolutely definitely avoid largely in regards to marketing and pesky issues like formatting for e-readers.

He alerted me to Guido Henkel’s newest ebook on marketing specifically for authors. I haven’t got around to reading it yet, but Zen of eBook Marketing has some good reviews and is free until the end of today the 23rd February (whenever that is in respect of time zones). If it turns out to be awful, then you’ve not burned a penny, but I doubt that’s the case.

Source: Guido Henkel’s Free eBook on Marketing for Writers

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Short Story Compilation: Do’s & Dont’s

Some good advice on writing and publishing short stories by LionAroundWriting.


short stories published authors

   LOOKING TO PUT together a short story compilation? If you are self publishing then you can be more cavalier than if you want a book in print, but there are some general guidelines to adhere to.

  • Length: Most publishers want around 40,000 words for a compilation or more.
  • Genre: The general consensus is that you are better to compile a number of short stories that fit into a common theme. Horror, fantasy, surrealism etc.
  • Sales: There is conflicting data on the short story market, and some websites appear to discourage the notion of even trying to get published in that format which is ridiculous, ask Alan Rinzler. There is definitely a market for short stories, just ask George Saunders, although you are not going to acheive the sales of a full length novel in all likelihood. Additionally, I believe publishing a short story collection…

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Poetry: Mass Incarceration

Source: Poetry: Mass Incarceration

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Beta Readers For Your Book

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Best Non-fiction Book in Preditors and Editors 2015 Readers Poll

Thanks to my friends, family and fans voting for my book, Waiting on the Outside, it won first place in the category of non-fiction for the 2015 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll and third place for the book cover artwork that was designed by Morpheus Blak.

I’m very proud of that and am so thankful to all those who voted and to those who tried to.  (It was a bit complicated).

It isn’t everyday you win something like this. It is a huge encouragement for me to continue writing and to work at making my writing better. It is a learning process and a work in progress for sure.  I learn new ways to make mistakes every day! The good part is I have cohorts at Anthem Authors Club who help me to improve and grow with each meeting.

There are some writers in the club who have written lots of books and they are very successful, so it easy to learn from them.

Congratulations to all the other authors from the club who received awards in the poll.

Young Adult:
Bear Claws by Robert Murphy (#5)
Charlie the Curious Cat by Elizabeth Williams-Medhus (tie #4)
JoJo and Kiki’s Adventure by Mayumi Kosaka (tie #5)
The Kiev Connection by M.A.R. Unger (#7)
Other Fiction:
Mickey Mantle Doesn’t Eat Broccoli by Philip Schlaeger (#6 tie)
Waiting on the Outside by Sharron Grodzinsky (#1)
DreamWalker by Pattricia Rusch Duffey (tie #6)
The House of James-Romblon (tie #6)
Through the Lens by Richard Schori (tie #7)
Book/e-book cover:
Waiting on the Outside. Morpheus Blak artist –Sharron Grodzinsky’s book (#3)
JoJo and Kiki’s Adventure by Mayumi Kosaka. (tie #2)
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Currently First in Non-fiction Preditors and Editors Poll

I’m thrilled.  “Waiting on the Outside” is currently in first place in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll for non-fiction books.  It is running 5th for artwork book covers!

The contest ends on January 14, 2016.

Here is the voting link: http://critters.org/predpoll/

Waiting on the Outside is in two categories. The first is non-fiction books and the second is artwork book covers. You have to scroll way down to find the categories.  After you vote, you will get an email to confirm your vote.

Thanks to all my friends and fans who have been voting.  I am sincerely grateful!

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Review of my book “Waiting on the Outside”

I sent my book to the Writers Digest contest for self published books this year and did not win, but did get a wonderful and thoughtful review from the judge.

Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

I am so proud that I would like to share it with you. Below is a copy of the judges remarks.

Judge’s Commentary*:

My heart went out to the author from the first page and I broke down in tears on page 5 at the emotion involved in visiting a son who has been sent to prison. Sharron Grodzinsky has an immediate impact because of her voice and writing style, which feel genuine, self-deprecating and sincere. She has had to live through an experience that any honest parent knows could be around a corner, despite all efforts to the contrary. Her story demonstrates that despite the best of intentions, things can go wrong.

I was sorry to read about choices Michael’s adopted father made. The pages turned and all the while, my heart was going out to this very good woman, the author, who did something noble by adopting and who should have reaped joy for it. Instead, her path has been shockingly hard, yet her love for Michael is as rich and strong as any mother’s could be. Discovering she had a heroin addict granddaughter must have been excruciating, especially when she realized that Michael was an absentee father for both of his children.

Waiting on the Outside is an eye opening read, one that should help people stop blaming parents. No one could have tried harder than Grodzinsky and as a reader, I can think of various friends who have gone through similar experiences. I think she has done something wise and brave in writing this book. I hope it finds the audience it deserves, for such a book can only increase understanding and compassion for all involved. I think Grodzinsky makes some very good reflections in chapter 30.  I loved the list of support systems at the end of the book!


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